Where can I buy your work?

I sell through my website, Etsy, and Amazon. However, my Amazon shop does not currently carry any custom options. Items available through samialynn.com are only shipping in the USA right now, but hopefully will go international soon! If you’re not in the US, or would like to ship outside the US, please go to www.samialynn.etsy.com

What kind of customization can you do?

My specialty is fashion illustration, but I can certainly accommodate any type of illustration you would like as I also do products and scenery illustrations.  Send me an email or message via Etsy and we can work out your custom piece together!


How much do you charge for a full custom illustration?

Custom price is really dependent on how detailed and elaborate you'd like the illustration to be, but the price point starts at $40 and goes up from there.  For a quote, please contact me.


What size do the illustrations come in?

The paper size of  custom illustrations are 11x14 inches, however the drawing itself will be slightly smaller so you can fit it in a frame without cutting off any of the drawing. I try to give about a .5-1 inch allowance inside the paper.  Illustration prints come in 4x6”, 8x10”, or 11x14”, planner prints also have a 5x7” option, and digital downloads come in 8.5x11” for easy printing.  If you have a specific size you would like the drawing to be, please contact me. 


What photos do you need to do a custom bridal illustration?

As many as it takes to show all aspects of the outfit, the more the better. If there are any details on the clothing, such as beading, lace, or jewelry, please send me close up photos if possible.  It is also helpful if you know the dress designer since many designers provide close up photos on their websites.


What is the turn around time?

For custom illustrations, an approval of the preliminary drawing is required before I will complete the order and ship out. The faster the approval, the faster the completion. Typically, I can ship out within 1 week of the order, however, if I have a number of orders to complete it could take up to 2 weeks.  For prints, I can ship out in 1-3 business days.  Please note if regular shipping is selected, I cannot guarantee when you will physically receive your product as it is up to the post office to deliver in a timely manner.


What materials/tools do you use?

Most of my prints are digitally drawn with the Procreate app on an iPad Pro using the Apple pencil.  Illustration prints are printed on semi gloss paper.  For drawings done on paper, I use mainly Copic markers, but I also use Prisma markers as well along with Micron pens and Prisma colored pencils on a thick multi-media illustration paper.


How do illustrations ship?

All illustrations are shipped in a plastic sleeve with chipboard in a non-bendable envelope along with a piece of cardboard for extra sturdiness to ensure the paper stays flat. And yes, a gift wrap option is available for your order via Etsy :)


Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  I can definitely ship to wherever you are in the world.  However, please note that I am not responsible for any additional customs charges, that may apply to incoming mail in certain countries.  I ship using USPS so I would recommend contacting them or your local post office to find out about any fees that you could run into.